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Christ's Church of the Deaf 

   & Deaf-Blind Christian Ministry, Inc.

CCD is a ministry of Western Hills Church of Christ

“...Your gift is like a sweet-smelling sacrifice offered to God. God accepts that sacrifice and it pleases him.”

- Ephesians 4:18b

Text Box: 	Deaf-Blind Christian Ministry, Inc. (DBCM) is a 501(c)(3) non for profit religious organization registered with the Federal Government that allows your gift to be tax deductible. 
	Here is an essential need for Rod Burke who is our deaf-blind minister. Since he is deaf-blind, he is in need of a part-time SSP (ears for the deaf and eyes for the blind). So SSP can be hired. There are not enough fund for this. 
	The mission statement of DBCM is for the deaf-blind Christians together with deaf and hearing people to share Christ’s gospel with other deaf-blind, deaf, and hearing people, and to build up the faith of each deaf-blind, deaf, and hearing individuals. 	In order for us to be doing that, we truly need your partnership! There are about 75 deaf-blind people and 1500 deaf ASL people in Greater Cincinnati plus their families and friends which would exceed 10,000 people that would benefit from Jesus through us. At this point, we are very limited, but as we grow on, we can meet more and more of them to reach them all. 
	11 % of your money you contribute to DBCM goes to other missionaries listed under “Missions We Support” on left. 
	Write the check payable to “DBCM”, and mail to: 
DBCM, Financial Secretary
3137 Regal  Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45251
	If you prefer to donate online, you may do so by clicking on “Donate” below. Thank you!
Text Box: Christ’s Church of the Deaf
5064 Sidney Road
Cincinnati OH 45238
Text Box: Contact Info:
Text Box: Video Phone & Phone: 513-206-9246
TTY: 513-251-2232